American Pride Scallops

American Pride Seafood

Versatility At Its Best. 

americanThe American Pride Seafood brand has been synonymous with great-tasting, value-added fish and unprocessed products for years. Operators looking for consistent quality at a competitive price choose American Pride Seafood. The brand portfolio is anchored by our leadership line of scallops, featuring the deepest portfolio of options in the industry, from premium domestic sea scallops to Hokkaido sea scallops to bay scallop options. American Pride Seafood is also well-known as a leader in the K12/CN school category with a large selection of value-added fish in core species such as Alaska pollock, Atlantic cod, and more. The brand also has a wide variety of delicious coatings on top species for all segments of food service operators. You can trust the American Pride Seafood brand to consistently deliver great quality seafood that satisfies consumer tastes and customer-profit needs.

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