High Liner Foods Canada Retail Division announces partnership with world's leading sustainability certification organization

LUNENBURG, NS, May 9, 2012 /CNW/ - Canada's leading supplier of seafood to retailers, High Liner Foods, is taking a major step forward in its sustainability efforts by forming a partnership with the Marine Stewardship Council, the world's leading certification organization and ecolabeling program for wild- capture seafood.

High Liner is committed to sourcing 100% of its seafood from certified sustainable or responsible aquaculture sources by the end of 2013.  High Liner has committed to label all of its wild caught seafood with the MSC ecolabel, a trust mark that assures consumers the seafood comes from a certified sustainable fishery.

"The partnership with MSC in Canada is a key step in our commitment to bringing responsibly sourced seafood to families across the country," said Henry Demone, President and CEO of High Liner Foods.

Beginning this month, Canadian shoppers will begin to see the MSC ecolabel on High Liner wild caught products, as well as High Liner's own "Responsibly Sourced" ecolabel on both wild caught and farmed seafood products.  These labels will be featured on more and more retail products over the coming months.  

"Today marks an important milestone for the MSC and High Liner Foods, and it is a proud day for both organizations because it represents a major step forward in seafood sustainability," said Rupert Howes, Chief Executive Officer of MSC.  "High Liner's commitment to source all wild caught seafood from MSC-certified fisheries by the end of 2013 and display the MSC ecolabel on certified wild-capture products will assure Canadian shoppers they can feel confident about the seafood choices they make, while playing a direct role in having sustainable seafood supplies in the future. It is wonderful to see that Canada's largest seafood company is taking this significant step in its commitment to sustainability.  By working together, we can strengthen sustainability efforts."

"Seafood sustainability is a complex matter but one that is vitally important to the future of our oceans," said Demone.

Since making its commitment to 100% sustainability in late 2010, High Liner has developed a comprehensive database to identify the sustainability status of all of its seafood.  Over the coming months, High Liner, in collaboration with MSC, will be working with retailers in Canada to provide detailed information regarding their sustainability efforts.  

About High Liner Foods Incorporated

High Liner Foods Incorporated is the leading North American processor and marketer of prepared, value-added frozen seafood.  High Liner's retail branded products are sold throughout the United States, Canada and Mexico under the High Liner, Fisher Boy, Mirabel, Sea Cuisine and Royal Sea labels, and are available in most grocery and club stores.  The Company also sells its products under the High Liner, FPI, Mirabel, Viking, Icelandic Seafood, Samband of Iceland, Seastar, and Seaside brands to restaurants and institutions, and is the major supplier of private label seafood products to North American food retailers and food service distributors.  High Liner Foods is a publicly traded Canadian company, trading under the symbols HLF and HLF.A on the Toronto Stock Exchange.

About Marine Stewardship Council
The Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) is an independent non-profit organization which sets a standard for sustainable fishing. Fisheries that wish to demonstrate they are well managed and sustainable against the science-based MSC standards are assessed by a team of experts who are independent of both the fishery and the MSC. Seafood products can display the blue MSC ecolabel only if that seafood can be traced back through the supply chain to a fishery that has been certified against the MSC standard.