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Food Safety

We Do Not Compromise on Food Safety

High Liner Foods expects consistent conformance to our high standards and specifications from all of our processing plants and suppliers.

High Liner Foods utilizes “accredited” third-party inspection firms to assure that in-house quality and processing systems are the best in the world. High Liner Foods also ensures product food safety and quality at the source. Our strategic supplier partners are held to the same comprehensive standards as High Liner Foods and our overseas quality assurance program requires rigorous on-site audits and supervision, product analysis and continuous monitoring, complete traceability, tamper-proof shipping containers, inspection by third-party certified labs, comprehensive food-safety testing, and all fully-cooked products are submitted to an additional battery of microbiological tests for pathogenic bacteria. Certificates of Analysis traceable to each lot are required for each shipment into the U.S. or Canada for High Liner Foods’ value-added processing or direct sales.  

High Liner Foods has endorsed and supports the National Fisheries Institute’s  efforts with the Better Seafood Board that promotes fair business practices and fights against economic fraud in the seafood industry.