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Sustainability Performance


    The seafood industry is a complex global network that touches communities, economies and ecosystems around the world. We strive to play a positive role, setting high standards for ourselves and collaborating widely — with stakeholders large and small — to support responsible and sustainable practices everywhere. We work with governments, NGOs, researchers, trade associations and investors on our shared objective: securing seafood as a sustainable source of nourishment for everyone. Key partnerships and affiliations include:


    Sustainable seafood continues to be among the highest priorities for High Liner Foods as we look to feed a growing world population now and in the future. The strict criteria we use to define responsibly source wild-caught and farmed seafood is based on various certification schemes the Global Seafood Sustainability Initiative (GSSI) and industry experts assure will protect the integrity of the species, stock and environment.

    Fisherman on a boat looking at his catch of fish


    Aquaculture Stewardship Council (ASC) certified or from suppliers undergoing full ASC assessment; Global Seafood Alliance (GSA) Best Aquaculture Practices (BAP) certified (1-4 stars);
    From credible, publicly documented Aquaculture Improvement Projects (AIP); or OceanWiseTM recommended or rated Best Choice of Good Alternative by Seafood WatchTM

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